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We represent Roberts Gordon CoRayVac®, Vantage® 2, GordonRay®, Powrmatic, Weather-Rite, Brasch Mfg, Engwald, Klimawent, BBC Industries, and more.

1001 Nicholas Blvd, Ste L
Elk Grove Vlge, IL 60007
PHONE: (847) 290-8888
FAX: (847) 290-8880

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What We Do

Midwest Environmental is a manufacturer's representative and stocking distributor of
heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment (HVAC)

42+ years of Experience

Midwest Environmental Sales Co. Inc., established in 1973, is an experienced team of engineers who will evaluate different approaches to provide you with the most economical and fuel-efficient heating equipment solution.

Professional Services

We are at the forefront in the Low Intensity Infrared Heater market by providing engineers, architects, and mechanical contractors with professional designs for commercial and industrial HVAC equipment

Customer Satisfaction

Our team houses civil and mechanical engineers. We are notorious for our professional courtesy, quick responses and follow-ups to help ensure the proper equipment is designed and sized for the application. We look for 100% satisfaction from our customers.

Our Products


Modulating Unitary Infrared Heater


Combination Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide Detector and Transmitter


Direct/Indirect Fired Make Up Air Units

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1001 Nicholas Blvd, Ste L
Elk Grove Vlge, IL 60007

PHONE: (847) 290-8888

FAX: (847) 290-8880